Chaos and Momentum:How to Gain Clarity to Create a Safe Workplace by Manley Feinberg

In this program, Manley will outline a powerful framework that you can execute every day to get immediate results. You can learn how to gain laser focus, no matter what task you’re facing, and utilize your momentum in an effective way to create a safe workplace.   Shut out the white noise of the world and keep moving forward!

Critical Skills For Personal And Team Success by Bruce Bolger

In his highly interactive keynote, Bruce helps participants identify and eliminate blind spots to those behaviors which could be sabotaging performance, and creating dysfunctional cultures impacting safety, quality, productivity and customer relations.  Bruce’s relatable personal stories drive home key elements, to positively impact participants’ performance.  

Who is Responsible for Safety by Carl Potter

In his most sought-after keynote, Carl Potter, CSP, CMC helps answer the question that executives, managers, supervisors, and front-line employees all ask:  WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FO SAFETY?  Particiants at all levels gain a higher level of understaning of the roles and responsibilities and can answer the question and put the principles to work immediately.

Becoming a Safety Leader - Presented by Mike Bahr

This 90-minute presentation will help you gain a better understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader who achieves a zero-injury workplace, regardless of your level n the organization.  To do that, we’ll explore leadership concepts and principles, and tap into your personal knowledge and experience.

Tactical Confrontation for a Better Workplace by Gary Sheely

This keynote will inspire and equip audiences at all levels to value and use confident constructive confrontation.  Gary provides tools that participants can put to work immediately to foster a better workplace where people feel free to speak up when there’s a problem.  This keynote is offered in a flexible format.

How to Achieve Big Phat Safety Goals- Dean Lindsay

This keynote is designed for organizations that view their team members as an investment rather than an expense and are committed to workplace safety.  The Big PHAT Safety Goals program is designed to align personal goals with organizational safety objectives and includes a progress agent’s six rules for goal-crafting.