Carl Potter, CSP, CMC

Carl Potter works with organizations that want to put safety first in the minds of their employees, so that everyone can go home every day without injuries. 

After working in the electric utility industry for over 17 years, he started Potter and Associates International in 1992. Through his presentations and consulting, he now spends his time bringing his frontline, hands-on experience of personal responsibility and safety to companies all over the US, Canada, and other countries including Africa, Cuba, and Haiti. 

He is the founder of The Safety Institute – a resource for organizations that want to create workplaces where it’s difficult to get hurt. In addition, it is a community of independent safety professionals who are committed to preventing every workplace injury. 

Carl is a certified safety professional and a certified management consultant.  He is the author of 12 books, including the best-seller Who Is Responsible for Safety, authored hundreds of published articles, and writes a weekly safety blog read by thousands. 

As a pilot who has owned and flown many different airplanes, he brings different perspectives to workplace safety. Carl is an Aircraft Commander and District Flight Safety Officer in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary – a division of the US Homeland Security He is involved in humanitarian efforts that involve safety and aviation including Angel Flight of Oklahoma and Mission Aviation Fellowship. 

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Who Is Responsible for Safety? (pdf)


Keep Safety Simple (pdf)


Review Your Safety Culture (pdf)