Low Voltage Electrical Safety Training - Presented by Mike Bahr

Electrical dangers such as shock, electrocution, arc flash, and arc blast will always be present on the job, but proper training and safety strategies can minimize the likelihood of injuries and fatalities. The course consists of 2 days classroom training, and an optional 3rd day which includes a “hands on” session that requires the participants to demonstrate that they are able to identify the hazard and properly select the appropriate PPE for the given task.

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Personal Protective Grounding: Think Electrically, Not Mechanically – by Mike Bahr

This one-day course will helpparticipants to understand the current rules and regulations that require the employer to assess the workplace and develop grounding practices that will protect personnel working on or near deenergized lines and equipment.

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Fundamentals of Arc Flash for Utilities - Presented by Mike Bahr

Arc flashes release energy hotter than the surface of the sun, spray molten metal and create sound blasts as loud as a gun, resulting in burn injuries, hospitalizations, and fatalities.  This one-day workshop will provide attendees with the experience, tools, and education that will help them conduct arc flash assessments that electric utilities are required to perform to protect their field workers from the dangers of flash.

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Safety Regulations for Electric Power - Presented by Mike Bahr

This one-day workshop is designed to ensure that qualified workers covered under 1910.269 and 1926. Subpart V are familiar with the safety-related work practices, safety procedures, and other personnel safety requirements in these standards that pertain to their jobs.  Topics include PPE requirements, arc flash calculation and protection, fall protection, grounding, and more.

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OSHA Required Training

Towing Trailers Safely - by Danny Sapp

If your organization's operations require employees and contractorsto tow trailers on public roadways, you have a responsibility to train them to prevent injury to workers and the public and to avoid costly damage to equipment.  Danny Sapp's program will familiarize participants with safe towing practices as well as the legal requirements.

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Hidden Dangers of PCBs - by Danny Sapp

 PCBs are not a thing of the past even thought they were banned in the 1970s.  Danny Sapps workshop will raise your awareness of how to find  the  hidden or forgotten PCBs in your facilities, educate you in how to deal with them, and privde you with information you need to know to avoid serious legal ramifications .

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L-Evating Crane Safety by Wendell Pruitt

Wendell’s training programs - Mobile Crane, Rigging and Aerial Lift - provide the knowledge and proper understanding, at every level, to facilitate a work environment, including cranes, rigging and equipment operation where it is difficult to get hurt.


Training may lead to accreditation for qualified planners, riggers, and operators who are certificated.

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Protect Your Ears in Less Time than it Takes to Damage Them! by Brian Felsen

Whether the participants are executives, front-line workers, or the entire organization, Brian engages his audiences with the “ultimate hearing experience” that involves unique demonstrations of how sounds is involved in even the most surprising activities at work, home, and recreation. 

As a result of working with Brian, people have more knowledge and awareness about noise-induced hearing loss, more accessibility to noise-induced hearing loss practice, 

more understanding and motivation to be a role model for healthy hearing, and

more self-efficacy regarding hearing protection. 

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HAZWOPER and Emergency Response by Brad Kramer


Companies with hazardous materials and processes depend on effective trainers and professionals to ensure their processes are in place and employees and management are trained to both prevent catastrophes and react in case of an emergency. Brad draws upon his experience as an EHS Manager, firefighter and emergency medical responder, and training experience to conduct HAZWOPER (hazardous waste operations and emergency response) and other emergency response training and consulting services. Brad can train companies for emergency response that are required by 1910.120 to have a HAZWOPER team in place. 

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Fast Track to Safe Driving by Donna Bayless and Sharon Winter


In this powerful, information-packed presentation, Donna and Sharon drive home the importance of defensive driving in a dangerously distracted world. This session cultivates a proactive, safety-conscious mindset and delivers effective, potentially life-saving results. They get to the heart of poor driving choices, change minds and break bad habits.

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If you have something in mind but don't see it here, let us know.  We'll be glad to help you find the perfect fit Safety Expert to meet your needs.