About Us

Safety Institute

The Safety Institute is a resource for organizations that want to create workplaces where it’s difficult to get hurt. In addition, we are a community of independent safety professionals who are committed to preventing every workplace injury.

You've come to the right place to find the experts

Creating a workplace where it is difficult to get hurt is closer than you think.  Safety Institute Associates are here to come alongside you as you work to build a sustainable safety culture focused on zero injuries.   We have experts in industries such as electric utilities, oil & gas, petrochem, manufacturing, first responders, construction, trucking, and many more.  Our Associates offer services including safety presentation, safety training, and safety consulting. 

Associates of the Safety Institute

Associates of the Safety Institute are Independent Professionals with unique talents who can help you reach your workplace safety goals.    Our experts speak, train, and consult on the safety topics that concern you the most.  They are experienced and educated and ready to help!