Safety Leadership Training

Conquest for Safety - Leadership Required by Carl Potter


Leaders are made, not born and that includes safety leaders. Many people are passionate about safety; yet passion is only one of several aspects of safety leadership. The world needs more good leaders and industry needs more safety leaders. The Conquest for Safety program will encourage participants to take on a leadership mindset in their organizations. 

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Critical Skills for Team and Personal Success by Bruce Bolger

This highly interactive program is designed to identify and eliminate potential blind spots to those behaviors which could be sabotaging performance, and creating dysfunctional cultures impacting safety, quality, productivity and customer relations.  Bruce’s repeatable personal stories drive home key elements, to positively impact participants’ performance.

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How to Develop Happy, Productive Safety Culture & Effective Safety Leaders by Michelle Ray

The most successful organizations recognize that enduring success is based on their ability to build outstanding teams and great workplace relationships. They understand that honing exceptional interpersonal skills are a given…that building trust, cooperation and respect are essential ingredients for a positive, sought-after culture and high employee retention. 


Innovate. Collaborate. Connect: Harness Your Influence As a Safety Pro by Michelle Ray

During this informative, interactive and dynamic session, you will learn how to communicate your vision in a way that gets noticed. You will be emboldened to continue sharing the message of safety awareness internally and externally. 

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On the Sharpest End of an Unexpected Event by Rich Gasaway, PhD

Equipping your workers to improve situational awareness and high-risk decision-making during periods of high vulnerability is the goal of this program. In day-to-day operations, your workers need to know how to develop and maintain situational awareness and how to use situational awareness as the foundation for their good decision making.

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