Gary Sheely

Gary Sheely is an author, trainer and professional speaker. His passion is helping organizations take proactive steps toward reducing the risk of workplace violence. His programs focus on creating safe, more engaged workplace cultures, and training leaders how to constructively confront undesirable behavior, preserve relationships during conflict, and defuse angry people to gain their cooperation without threats or force.

Gary has published four books, including his latest, “Safe at Work: How Smart Supervisors Reduce the Risk of Workplace Violence.”

He is also a USPA certified Skydiving Instructor and Jumpmaster with hundreds of jumps logged, and recently he surprised all the members of his high school graduation class by skydiving into their reunion.

He has been married to Kathy for over 35 years and they have 2 grown sons.

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Electric Cooperative Statewide Association


"I can personally recommend Gary Sheely to anyone looking for an engaging speaker that is not afraid to tell their group the truth.  Our organization has had quite a bit of active shooter training over the last two years but we wanted to address the environment that leads up to a possible event.  Gary did a great job of outlining clearly some of the signs to be diligent in looking for as well as behaviors in yourself that can effect people in a potentially negative way.  The group of CEO’s in the room commented repeatedly about how they felt Gary was talking directly to them.  Hopefully, that will lead to some positive change or at least awareness in our people moving forward.  I strongly recommend allowing Gary to have two sessions so that you can experience some of the practical group activities.

Thanks Mr. Sheely!"

Gerald Gordon

VP, Safety and Loss Control

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TSI - Sheely Tactical Confrontation for a Safer Workplace (pdf)


TSI - Sheely Smart Mgt one sheet (pdf)