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  • May 03 2017

    Safety Think Tank

    Carl will be hosting an exclusive 3 day workshop In San Diego, CA. The Safety Think Tank will be made up of no more than 20 individuals who have a passion for creating workplace read more
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  • Jan 02 2017

    The 1st Thursday Safety Educational Report is now available!

      On the first Thursday of every month he sends out a report and video about a relevent safety topic. To read more
  • Aug 02 2016

    Lies, Half-Truths and Misconceptions: Challenges Safety Leaders Face

    Have you ever heard people in your workplace make statements about safety that just don’t ring true? read more
  • Jul 18 2016

    Are You Competent When it comes to Safety?

    Competency – it's a word we hear bantered about when we discuss workers' knowledge, skills, read more
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Welder welding

Setting Zero Expectation

Setting the bar high for safety performance is a noble cause. We all like to talk about the seemingly elusive target of "zero injuries." People generally line up in one of two sides… read more

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