Timothy Attrell

Tim Attrell works with leaders who want everyone to understand the emotional impact of workplace injuries and with managers who are responsible for notifying family members of an employee’s injury or death.  He does this through his powerful programs that rely on his background in acting and safety to touch his audiences at a level that few are able to reach.  His Next of Kin program has been well-received by audiences who have given him a 100% approval rating.

In addition, he uses his skills as a video producer to create credible corporate communications and training programs that get the message about safety and other work-related topics to employees.  

Tim’s personal goal is to make the world a better place through his creativity and passion - whether it is through collaborating with companies to prevent workplace injuries, aiding and training youth to make better decisions, or volunteering.

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Download Information About Tim's Program

Next of Kin - Tim Attrell (pdf)