Susan Trivers is not a safety expert. She IS a tinkering expert: making adjustments to  “the way we do things” to maximize outcomes: more focus, more confidence, more creative solutions, and more safety.

Susan founded a successful business in 1999 on her values of honesty, integrity and high value. She has since advised countless companies from the Fortune 500 to solopreneurs how to accelerate revenue and create a company of lasting value. Susan shows business leadership that the critical growth factor is incorporating change into their mindset and into the execution of their priorities. Clients achieve significant results with Susan’s pattern-breaking approaches. She began breaking patterns when, as an adjunct professor of finance and economics, she created a unique learning approach. The most frequent accolade from clients is “Susan thinks of things that work that we would never have thought of. We can’t overstate the value of her outside perspective.”

Susan’s latest book, Tinker: How Smart Business Owners Develop Creative Ideas for True Growth, demonstrates how following the path of Trust It, Try It, Tinker leads to companies achieving their biggest and most important goals. She followed this path while growing her first business, Café Aurora, from startup to successful sale in four years. Tinker has changed the lives and fortunes of owners, executives and employees across myriad industries. 

As an Associate of the Safety Institute, Susan brings Tinkering for Safety to companies to help them prosper when external and internal factors change or when complacency sets in because the company’s safety programs have become tired, stale, or outdated. Susan believes that if anyone does get hurt, or a team fails a safety check, reinforcing the status quo is not the answer. Tinkering is. 

Through leadership consulting, boardroom conversations and conference presentations, Susan works with organizations to support vigorous leadership, improve team dynamics and build creative solutions to nagging problems. Susan’s message is that the thinking that created today’s culture, attitudes and behavior is not going to create optimum responses to tomorrow’s changes. Only new thinking, Tinkering, will.

On a personal note, Susan trains and competes with her Bernese Mountain dog, Gabe. She loves the moments when a new behavior clicks in Gabe’s mind, and cherishes the deep sense of teamwork when they are showing in the Rally or Obedience ring.  To learn more or to book Susan send us a request.


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Safety Institute - Tinkering for Safety - Susan Trivers (pdf)