Steve Millican

Steve Millican has worked in the electric and gas utility industry for 40 years. His experience involves a focus on safety and an incident and injury free culture (IIF). Steve has the experience and a story that makes his presentations stand out from the rest. 

At 18, Steve started as a lineman for Oklahoma’s largest electric company. He worked his way up through several departments. He experienced the role of supervisor where he was responsible for the safety on the job. His experience at multiple levels in the company helps those around him connect with his presentations. A moment in his life helps him make a meaningful and lasting impression on those who hear his presentations. 

Lucky to be alive after 7,200 volts of electricity left him near death, Steve takes his listeners through this moment in time and the difficulties he faced afterwards.  He connects with an audience in ways not many people can. Steve uses his story to focus on safety at work and at home. He wants his audience to understand how their safety not only affects themselves but their loved ones as well. His mission is to help and serve those whose jobs can often be hazardous - jobs in which, if safety is ignored, the results could be serious injury or death. His presentation focuses on his story,  human performance, and prevention of dangerous situations.  

Steve has a degree in Transmission and Distribution Technology from Oklahoma State University. He also completed numerous safety related courses during his tenure Steve and his wife Tami have been married 23 years and have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. Steve’s hobbies are traveling with the family, sports and sporting events, and spending time with the grandkids.

Steve hopes his story and experience can help your employees enjoy time with their families, too! 

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SI - Millican - A Moment in Time (pdf)