Lee Shelby


Lee Shelby is a Power Lineman from Tennessee and at the age of 28, lost both arms resulting from an occupational injury after he came in contact with more than 12,000 volts while working for a utility company. Lee returned to work in less than one year with the ambition to be an active part of society. Lee teaches and shares his story of “ The Personal Side of Safety” with thousands across the United States and in other countries - in every industry.


Lee chooses to Educate, Motivate and Inspire audiences by sharing the recount of his tragic occupational injury as well as the importance of making safety personal.  Lee’s down to earth approach makes his presentation one of the most moving, inspirational, and motivational accounts you will hear.  Lee incorporates personal responsibility, humor, emotion, sincerity and real-life discussion in every presentation.  His desire is for everyone to be responsible for their own safety and watch out for their co-workers, take safety personally, and return home safe to their families. 

Never backing down from a challenge Lee is an international speaker and OSHA and NFPA trainer. Lee is currently working on his bachelor’s degree in Occupational Safety and Health. He is an author, a private pilot and enjoys skydiving as well as a baseball coach. Lee consults and presents for corporations around the world. 

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SI - Personal Side of Safety Lee Shelby (pdf)