Kristine Sexter

Kristine A. Sexter is an industrial and organizational consultant who has devoted over 22 years to studying success and professional commitment. With an extensive background in recruiting, motivating, and retaining right-fit talent, Kristine expertly serves her clients and audiences with acclaimed results. 

Ms. Sexter is a professional speaker, consultant, and columnist and is the author of six books, including “Rolling Out the Recognition: Employee Retention Strategies for Manufacturers.” 

The Oklahoma Alliance for Manufacturers has called her, “‘THE’ authority in teaching executives and leadership teams how to find, train and keep great employees.”

Kristine is the Past President of the Oklahoma Speakers Association, was twice-honored as the Speaker of the Year, and is an Honors Graduate from The College of New Jersey. While born and educated on the east coast, Kristine considers Tulsa, Oklahoma her home, having lived there since 1986 (but she really misses the pizza and the ocean!).

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SI - Kristine Sexter - Motivating without Money (pdf)


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