Jeff Bell


Jeff was an hourly worker at a large paper mill and helped implement Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) at the plant back in the mid-nineties. He had pulled back from his role in safety when his and his family’s lives were changed forever with the phone call that his son Brian, a college student with less than a week left on his junior-senior summer job had been killed in a workplace accident. Because of Brian’s death Jeff rededicated himself to working in safety and became the facilitator of his plant’s BBS process. Jeff says, “I will do anything to keep another family from receiving the call that our family received on the day that Brian died.” 

During his presentation "Brian's Story", Jeff talks about Brian, his death, and the events of the day that Brian died and how it could have been prevented. He also draws on his 44 years in the paper industry, including 20 years’ experience with BBS, when delivering his powerful and moving presentations. His presentation resonates with the hourly workforce because he’s not a guy in a suit; he’s a guy that worked in the trenches just as many of them have. He receives rave reviews as he travels across the U.S. and Canada speaking at many industrial sites.

“I truly believe that everyone can make a difference in safety. But you can’t do it sitting back and waiting on someone else to do it. You have to step up to make a difference.”  Jeff Bell

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Brian Bell


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