Dave Linn

   My name is Dave Linn and I’m a proud Associate of the Safety Institute. I work with astute leaders who understand that fostering a corporate culture of gratitude creates safer work environments, more engaged employees and greater profit. I am also the Chief Curriculum Officer for the two-day Congruense quarterly conference where we teach leaders that Business is Personal. I have helped hundreds of students, professionals and organizations realize that gratitude is not a fluffy “nice to have”, it’s a rigorously scientific and economically proven “must-have”. As a serial entrepreneur and college and graduate school professor of business, I have a personal and profound understanding of the challenges that business owners face. When I’m not guiding others to gratitude, I’m spending time with my children and grandchildren, and building local communities through 100+ non-profit partners and for profit supporters that participate in the fundraising platform that I run— the Generosity Series— which has raised more than $10M for hundreds of non-profits in nine cities. 

When I first began presenting my Gratitude Works(hops), I became laser-focused on removing the misconceptions about gratitude — it’s fluffy, it’s phony, it doesn’t drive profit. I found that these misconceptions were often most entrenched in the manufacturing and other related sectors. Through hands on workshops with manufacturing and shipping teams at a $5B multi-national corporation, I realized that both leadership and employees not only saw the value in building a stronger culture of gratitude, they were thirsting for it. As the feedback came in, my team and I realized that there is an opportunity and a responsibility to inject gratitude into the manufacturing and related sectors to create better and safer workplaces. Aligning with the Safety Institute to add culture change to hands-on safety training to create workplaces where everyone goes home safe was an obvious collaboration. 


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