Danny Sapp


Having worked as an Environmental and Safety Manager for the largest public owned electric utility in the nation for 35 years Danny has firsthand knowledge of the ins and outs of the utility business. 

Danny offers his expertise in industrial health and safety on a wide range of topics including dealing with PCB’s, working with multiple regulatory agencies, and safe towing operations. He delivers these topics through training sessions, workshops, presentations, and consultations.

Danny is an avid bicycle rider and has participated in rides across 37 states in the US and Canada. Danny and his wife Joy are both Certified Arborists and love to deliver programs about trees to gardening organizations and schools. They have two sons and three grandsons. 

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SI Danny Sapp Hidden Dangers of PCBs one sheet (pdf)


SI Danny Sapp Towing Trailers Safety one sheet (pdf)


SI Danny Sapp Who is My Regulator one sheet (pdf)