Crissy Butts, Happiness Coach and Team-Building Educator helps leaders improve safety in the workplace by improving morale and elevating individual happiness of team members.  Her philosophy is that happy employees make safer employees. Her 21 Day Happiness Challenge features The Sunshine Strategy, which sparks a simple way to assess & improve positive living. 

As a writer for International Focus Magazine, she has had articles featured on Global Happiness. Crissy developed The Workplace Power Hour to help teams Engage, Connect and Thrive!  She is the Author of You Choose Your Path and 50 Ways to Strengthen Family in 50 Days.  

After a series of unfortunate events she, her husband, and 4 boys found themselves living in a rustic cabin in Alaska without running water. There were a few challenging years hauling buckets of ice-cold water to heat on the stove to wash dishes and taking toddlers to the outhouse in snow and -20 degrees. In an effort to get into better circumstances, they bought a used limousine and started a much-needed airport service from the Valley to Anchorage. In 5 years their company, was awarded in 2006 as the National Mid-Size Operator of the Year.  Nuggets from those years of growth & perseverance are found in her book, You Choose Your Path. 

Crissy is a sister to 7, the mother of 5, grandmother of 15, and has been married 29 years. She enjoys traveling with her husband, who is a pilot, to fun destinations, playing with her grandchildren and artifact hunting. 

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