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Hazard Recognition

Hazard Recognition and Control Workshop

How many times did you walk past that hazard without seeing it until one day it caused an injury to you or someone else? 

The Safety Institute Hazard Recognition and Control Workshop is perhaps the best thing you can do to help make your workplace one where it’s difficult to get hurt.  Thousands of people in high-risk industries have benefited from this workshop.

Customize Workshops for your Site.

Our safety consultant/facilitator will arrive the day before the workshop to conduct a valuable safety walk-through of your facility.  The purpose of the walk-through is two-fold:  1.) the consultant/facilitator gains first-hand insight into your facility that is incorporated into the training the following day and 2.) you and/or your personnel who will participate in the walk-through benefit from the observations of the consultant regarding unidentified or uncontrolled hazards as well as recognition of positive situations that can foster a safety culture.  During the walk-through, the consultant/presenter will take pictures that will be used for your workshop.  Your employees will benefit from a six hour workshop that is customized to their work location.

Why Schedule a Pilot Workshop?

We find that many organizations have identified the need for employees and leaders to recognize and control hazards in the workplace.  Providing this type of training to all employees requires a significant investment of time and money.  To aid in the decision-making process before committing to training all employees, we suggest a pilot of Hazard Recognition and Control Workshop. The pilot workshop allows you to determine if what we do is a fit for your organization. 

Our experience is that the workshop hits the mark every time.  Many of the participants say:

  • This was the best safety training I have ever had (many times this is from employees with more than 20 years in the company).
  • Every employee should be required to take this class.
  • I wished the class was longer… (how many times do you hear that from participants of any training?).
  • Before this class I didn’t understand the real importance of mitigating the hazard.
  • Now I know what I am supposed to do about safety.
  • After taking this class I believe zero injuries is attainable.

Participants who attend this workshop not only are better at identifying hazards, but they take responsibility for mitigating the risk presented by the hazard immediately.

We hope you will consider scheduling a trial workshop in your workplace.  If you don’t decide to move forward with having all employees participate in future workshops, you will still benefit:

  • Participants in the walk-through (safety leader, plant manager, others) will gain insight from an outside expert’s observations.
  • You will have digital copies of all photographs taken by the consultant.
  • 30 employees will have experienced training in hazard recognition and control that they can apply immediately.

Participants will leave this workshop with a clear understanding of the importance of hazard recognition and control, what their responsibility is and how they can execute the process.

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Other Alternatives to the On-Site Hazard Recognition and Control Workshop

Open Enrollments
We occasionally offer the workshop in an Open Enrollment format.  What this means is that you and a few other people can participate in the workshop to determine if it’s a fit for your organization.  You’ll be in the workshop with people from other industries which will give you an opportunity for networking with others concerned about creating safe workplaces.   For more information and a schedule of open enrollment workshops, click here. If you are interested in bringing an open enrollment workshop to your area, send an email to

Online Hazard Recognition and Control Workshop
We have an online version of the workshop available for those who have attended the on-site workshop or perhaps were unable to attend.   This workshop is available 24/7 online.  The online version is for individual viewing and requires the participant to pass a test.  Each individual who completes the test will receive a certificate to prove completion.  Click here to participate in the online course.

About the Author and the Origin of this Workshop

Since 1992 Carl Potter has worked with companies across the U.S. and Canada to target zero-injuries in the workplace.  He does this by consulting, delivering his seminars and workshop, and presenting keynote speeches at many state and national safety conferences, association meeting, and company safety events.  He has written hundreds of articles for industrial magazines, authored and co-authored more than 8 books on safety.  Thousands of safety leaders across the globe also depend on his weekly blog at: to improve their company safety culture.  Carl’s Safety and the Supervisor Seminar is one of the most successful educational products he delivers, but he realized that something was missing. 

About 2006 Carl noticed that even with the safety rules and tools workers have at their disposal to mitigate risk of injury hazards present workers were still getting hurt.  The problem he identified was that employees were either ignoring hazards, walking right past them without taking action, or writing a work order to fix a hazard they could mitigate themselves.  Using his hands-on experience and education in safety of more than 34 years Carl developed his Hazard Recognition and Control Workshop to solve the problem.

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