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Conquest for Safety

Conquest for Safety Leadership Workshop
Facilitated by Carl Potter, CSP

Leaders are made, not born and that includes safety leaders.  Many people are passionate about safety: passion is only one of several aspects of safety leadership.  The world needs more good leaders and industry needs more safety leaders.

This workshop is for participants who are in formal leadership roles in their organization.  Through interactive exercises and discussions, they will learn the importance of 5 elements that can be used develop a successful and sustainable safety culture within their direct reporting personnel.  In addition, they will learn how to monitor and improve 5 organizational traits that will solidify the efforts to reach specific safety goals of their group.  When the participants leave, they will be able to begin to communicate with a network of like-minded members of their elite safety team.

The 5 elements covered in this workshop are:

  • Values
  • Vision / Goals
  • Commitment
  • Communications, and
  • Networking

The 5 organizational traits are:

  • Attitude
  • Communications
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility, and
  • Trust

The material in this workshop is based on but not limited to Carl Potter’s book

Conquest for Safety: Leadership Required and his extensive research and experience working with companies across the United States and Canada.  Carl is a certified safety professional (CSP), certified management consultant (CMC), and certified speaking professional (CsP).  His goal is to prevent every workplace injury.  To that end he has produced more than 12 books, thousands of articles, and numerous successful workshops and seminars.  He is a featured keynote speaker at many safety conferences.

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