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OSHA Required

Low Voltage Electrical Safety Training for the Qualified Worker by Mike Bahr

Electrical dangers such as shock, electrocution, arc flash, and arc blast will always be present on the job, but proper training and safety strategies can minimize the likelihood of injuries and fatalities.  The course consists of 2 days classroom training, and an optional 3rd day which includes a “hands on” session that requires the participants to demonstrate that they are able to identify the hazard and properly select the appropriate PPE for the given task. For booking information, click here.  

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Fundamentals of Arc Flash Safety, Calculations, and Regulations for Utilities Course by Mike Bahr

Arc flashes release energy hotter than the surface of the sun, spray molten metal and create sound blasts as loud as a gun, resulting in burn, hospitalizations, and fatalities.  This one-day workshop will provide attendees with the experience, tools, and education that will help them conduct arc flash assessments that electric utilities are required to perform to protect their field workers from the dangers of flash.  For booking information, click here.  

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Safety Regulations for Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution by Mike Bahr

OSHA requires that qualified employees be trained to perform their work safely.  This one-day workshop is designed to ensure that employees covered under 1910.269 and 1926. Subpart V are familiar with the safety-related work practices, safety procedures, and other personnel safety requirements in these standards that pertain to their respective job assignments.  Topics covered include PPE requirements, arc flash calculation and protection, fall protection, grounding, and more.  For booking information, click here.  

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Personal Protective Grounding Think Electrically, Not Mechanically by Mike Bahr

Since 1994, OSHA has required grounding practices that will protect employees in the event that the line or equipment on which they are working becomes re-energized. This one-day course will help participants to understand the current rules and regulations that require the employer to assess the workplace and develop grounding practices that will protect personnel working on or near deenergized lines and equipment.  For booking information, click here


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