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About Deb Potter

Dr. Deb Potter is a principle consultant with the Safety Institute.  She specializes in organizational safety assessments and organizational design with a focus on safety.  She consults with leaders who want to create a zero-injury workplace so that everyone can go home every day without injury.

She is the Dean of Education for the Safety Institute and advises clients on selecting the best fit solutions for their safety education needs.  She also consults on curriculum design to help clients of the Safety Institute in their journey to zero injuries.

Deb holds a PhD with a focus in safety and organizational management in high-risk environments and MBA and Bachelor of Science degrees.  She is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC).  Her research focus is in the areas of safety management, safety leadership, and organizational design to help organizations create a safer workplace.

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Deb is the author of several books and published articles including Simply Seamless Safety, ZERO! Responsible Safety Management by Design, Conquest for Safety (co-author), and Safety Culture War.