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Creating the Safety Trust

Posted on 14 July 2017

In Oklahoma when someone only talks about something they are going to do we describe them as, “All hat and no cows.”  In my case, all talk and no pig pen.  When I was in the 8th grade and was introduced to FFA (Future Farmers of America) I began to talk about raising pigs as [...] continue reading

Who Is Responsible for Safety? Frustrated by Frequent Flyers

Posted on 17 June 2017

Man has no nobler function than to defend the truth. _ Ruth McKenney What does it mean to be “accident prone?”  One definition is “to be involved in an inordinate number of, or frequently involved in accidents.”  Are you “accident prone?”  Do you have a co-worker or someone who reports to you who seems to [...] continue reading

Summer Safety Success for You and Your Family

Posted on 16 June 2017

This summer can become a great memory or a terrible tragedy.  Research shows that the more families will create some wonderful memories while some will experience tragic accidents on the road to and from vacation.  I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that you can help reduce the risk by mitigating the [...] continue reading

Journey to a Safe Successful Workplace

Posted on 20 April 2017

Change in economic times can create havoc and lead business leaders to cut back on the most important aspect of productivity:  safety. The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order. ~ Alfred North Whitehead Business is about productivity and profit.  Without profit you are forced to close [...] continue reading

Safety Leadership Willful Act: Nefarious or Not

Posted on 11 April 2017

Sometimes confusion exists concerning the willful act of either creating an unsafe condition at work, putting workers in an unsafe condition, allowing an unsafe condition, or flagrantly disregarding an unsafe condition or act.  In my opinion all could be considered nefarious safety.  Nefarious behavior can be committed by leaders, employees, or anyone in the organization.  [...] continue reading

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